Data Recovery Solutions

Data Recovery Solutions

Data Recovery Services | Data Recovery in Jaipur India

About Data Recovery

Data recovery is a restoring process of deleted, inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged, or formatted data from secondary storage, removable media or files, when the data stored in them cannot be accessed in a usual way The data is most often rebound from storage media such as internal or external HDDs, SSDs,USB drives, magnetic tapes,CDs,DVDs,RAID systems. Recovery may be required due to physical damage to the storage devices or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being mounted by the system.

Data Loss and Recovery Solutions

Duration : – Generally, data recovery will take 3-5 days. However, the amount of time it takes to recover data will vary depending on the problem. After look and diagnoses the problem you will be able to get a better estimate of the time it will take to recover your data.

Purpose : – Data recovery is the process of restoring data that has been lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted or made inaccessible. In enterprise IT, data recovery typically refers to the restoration of data to a desktop, laptop, server or external storage system from a backup.

Importance :- In technical terms, data recovery encompasses a set of methods used to recover lost data or information. Data recovery processes can be applied to situations including accidental file deletion, incorrect hard drive or server formatting, a faulty re-installation of applications or system booting failures.

Recover Lost or Deleted Data

Data recovery service

Data Recovery Services | Data Recovery in Jaipur India

Star Tech Computers have a trained team of skilled data recovery technicians. They are experienced in recovering any data from any type of data loss scenario. Our engineers can be trusted to get your data recovered from the HDD made by any manufacturer. Data Recovery service in Jaipur offers different types of recovery services at reasonable price.

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Best Data Recovery Solutions

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