Repairing solutions

Repairing solutions

Star Tech Computers a leading IT Product Repairing solutions provider company in Jaipur – Rajasthan. if you needs the IT Product Repairing solutions, Star Tech Computers is the right choice for you and your Business.

We specialist in IT Product Repairing solutions like Laptop, Desktop, Server, Printers, Scanner and all IT Equipment’s. Please feel free contact Star Tech Computers for your requirements any IT Product Repairing solutions.

Star Tech Computer is your right partner of choice for any of your IT Product Repairing solutions requirement. We don’t just Repair, we build relationships. Star Tech Computer will always be at your service to help you in smooth running of your systems.

Get the best IT Product Repairing solutions deals with Star Tech Computers.

? Need help and Repair… what’s the best IT Product Repairing solutions for you? Ask Star Tech Computers.

Reliable computer hardware and printer repair service in Jaipur

Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, Server, printer, scanner, or any computer hardware issue, we can help you fix your Device. We are just a call away. If it is not working properly, kindly give us a call, we will reach you as soon as possible. We have well experienced hardware engineers who can fix any hardware issue for your computer, laptop, Server, printer etc.

If you can’t come to our store, we can collect your device from your premises and hand it over to you after getting fixed. Don’t worry; we don’t want you to spend unreasonably. Our charges are affordable. Our service is worth the money. We always use genuine spare parts if a replacement is needed.

Star Tech Computers is committed to provide the best possible hardware repairing service for all IT Products for your home or business. Our technicians are well experienced in providing satisfactory service for your Devices.

Our Services

We are not comfortable until you are. No matter what your needs are, we are always there for you. We provide services related to computer, laptop, printer and scanner and sell software in minimal cost possible. If your laptop or computer is not working, we have solution for it for you! Whether it’s a dead computer or laptop or it won’t boot, our technicians can help. We also upgrade and repair existing computer systems. Below are services we provide

  • Printer Repair

Star Tech Computers is the topnotch brand for printer repair in and around Jaipur. We have been in this service for years. We can fix any printer issue, irrespective of manufacturers. Be it HP, Epson, or TVs, we can repair them all. If your printer is not working or giving half or incomplete printing, call us. We can also help you if it is not initializing, making abnormal sounds, or suffering from a paper jam issue.

We are known for using genuine spare parts with company warranty, for replacement. Our expert team of trained and experienced engineers offers extremely efficient service to fix any sort of issue. Our service is guaranteed.

  • Cartridge & Toner Refilling

We are the leading cartridge refilling service Jaipur. Star Tech Computers tops the list of leading printer parts and accessories providers of Jaipur as well as the whole country. Our company is verified and known for offering 100% customer satisfaction. We have raised the bar in the entire refilling industry. We strive continuously to ensure perfect refilling for your cartridge. We carry over different toners and inks so our products can deliver quality the same as the original.

  • Scanner Repair

We dedicated to providing its customers with the best and affordable service regarding scanner repair. We maintain industry-standard while rendering any of the services related to the scanner or any other computer hardware. We provide original products for replacement. Each product comes with the respective company warranty. The services are offered to keep strict compliance with the obligations of our valued customers. We charge a reasonable price for the parts and services. So you don’t have to put pressure on your pocket. Star Tech Computers has been providing its services for years with excellence and reputation.

  • Computer Desktop and Laptop Repair

If your computer Desktop Laptop at your home or in the office is not performing well or has stopped working completely, give us a call. We are one of the best computer repair service providers based in Jaipur. Star Tech Computers are an experienced, reliable, and reputable name in Jaipur. Star Tech Computers can handle any kind of computer-related issues, be it related to software or hardware. We are always front of customers in providing customer satisfaction.

With the widespread digital marketing effort, computers have become an inevitable part of our daily life. Whether you are a student, a work-from-home professional, a blogger, an entrepreneur, or a tech-savvy enthusiast, you can hardly think your day without your computer or laptop. If there is a problem with the machine, life comes to a stop. And, we surely don’t want that. That is why Star Tech Computers is there to assist you by providing the best computer repair service Jaipur.

The issues we can help you with

  • Software related problems
  • Hardware-related problems
  • Windows issues
  • Malware attack
  • Browser issues
  • Display issues; damaged LCD/LED
  • Virus attack
  • Booting issue
  • Startup problems
  • Blue screen
  • Blank screen
  • Liquid spillage
  • Keyboard malfunctions
  • Laptop not getting turned on
  • Heating issues
  • Beeping issues
  • Replacement of damaged screen
  • Hard disk repairs
  • Mother board service, repairs and replacement
  • Blank laptop screen
  • Power on/off issue
  • Battery charging problem
  • Troubles with display
  • Screen light issue
  • Liquid spillage.


  • Server Repairs

We provide an on-site Server repair service so you don’t need to bring the server to our facility. Don’t worry; your server will be completely safe with us. Our experienced engineers will repair your machine sooner than what you have expected. The process we adopt includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of the issue
  • Detection of hardware equipment and software issue
  • Discussing the price to resolve the issue
  • Start repairing

We have all Spares : –

Star Tech Computers have all the essential spares needed for your desktop, Laptop and Server. Well, you can also buy used spares besides new ones. So if you need to repair or replace any spare, give us a call. We have all parts and accessories needed for a laptop, Desktop to run smoothly. Accessories like battery, adapter, internal speaker, keypad, cooking fan, power cable, heat sink, touch pad, hinges, DVD writer, USB board cable, hard disk, RAM, WiFi card, top and bottom cover and web cameras are offered by us.

Contact our experts with your computers, electronic devices, networking and internet repair solutions requirements, we will be happy to assist you with purchase and maintenance of your IT infrastructure.